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Travelling without moving- Pedro Leitao [English]
Two sentences about new ad.r cd- Fabrik [English]


The questionnaire - ad.r
the questionnaire project is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust" (french writer), created by Antoinette Faure around 1890 and now, submitted to a few personalities – the interest is on the confrontation and crossover between the original questions and nowadays vision on things

Dancing in small dozes- Pedro Leitao [English]
ad.r - Short Dance Songs.- Axun [] [Polish]
21st century mp3 variations by adrian kowalczewski
-Marc Weidenbaum [] [English]




Productions / Produkcje

PNP - Gracjan Roztocki [2008]
Ad.R - Bez przesady feat. Peno [2008]
Ad.R - Zaczarowany ołówek feat. AZR [2007]
Zaginiona Mike'a Głowa - Rozkurcz [2008
Zaginiona Mike'a Głowa - Cała prawda o nas [2008]>
Zaginiona Mike'a Głowa - Skit [2008]

Scratching & Cuts / Skrecze

NSR feat.Peno+dj ad.r - Znasz Mnie [2008]
Peno + Raszu - Pierwszy raz feat. dj ad.r [2008]
Kdj - Być tu feat. Peno, dj. ad.r [2008]
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